This morning, I saw a piece of news from my classmates. A 49-year-old male classmate died of myocardial infarction the day before yesterday.See this news at that moment, the mood is heavy, 49 years old, the pillar of the family ah!How can we just go?There is an old man at home and a young one at home. How can a family live without him?But god wants to recruit a person, is never in advance to say hello ah!Impermanence is the norm of life!


A few years ago, a colleague, a beautiful woman in hunan, on the May Day holiday three days, then go to work, people said her people did not, I was strange people hard to say, so young and healthy a person!Three days ago, it was fine. How can you say it's gone?There must be some mistake.When they could not help it, they said;Maybe I heard you wrong!Calling one of her friends who had been playing well, the girl said she was really gone and had kidney failure.To hear the news of the moment, the whole people loomed, how also do not believe to be true, just a common cold to her life, she just thirty years old when he began to walk, have a son and a woman, think of her poor a pair of children, thought of her that put up to her parents in the home, the life most sad part such as tong...... sad.I cried when I thought of her poor parents, her lovely children.Look at her WeChat final message: tough woman, down, life is short, treat yourself!Next to the picture is a picture of her being put on a drip in the hospital. Her life has been frozen in that moment forever.How could life be so impermanent?Obviously two days ago still together to talk and smile of friends, how in the sun set and rise, even have no time to say goodbye, from now on with us forever?The friend went away, a blow to me, a long day, I can't out of the shadow of life, at the same time also let me more know to cherish every time together with their families, after every time to go home to visit the old man, I will always stay at home, where also don't go, just talk with old man, just silently accompany beside the old man.Because I began to understand that such a meeting is to see less than once, so I do not want to waste this precious time on some irrelevant people.


Liked the first "is the most expensive health" "you always say very busy very busy, the hands of a pile after pile, for the dream in the center of the circle, often forgot their body, you always say not favour not favour, it also has a very long time later, value to the day lying in bed, just regret not ahead of schedule maintenance, in the world's most expensive health, even if simple fare so, happiness is not how much money in the bank, is after the others left in the sunshine, you still in this world is the most expensive health, what if won the world, happiness is not how much people scenery, is the body's relic of great eat joss-stick..."Believe heard this song of people, more or less have some feelings of the bottom of my heart!As the song goes: the most expensive thing in life is health.Life is short. Be kind to yourself and your family.





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